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Wholesale nuts, Magnesia


The currant is distinguished in two types, black and white. White is also called sultanina. It is eaten pure as sweet and is usually added to cakes and sweets. The main production process has to do with drying the fruit, mainly black currant, in the sun for a few days (about 10).
The most famous variety of black currants is Corinthian, which is produced by 80% in Greece.

Producers collect the fruit of black currant usually in August, dry it in specially designed outdoor spaces called grouts. After eight days (depending on the weather), they turn it to dry and on the other side and after 2-3 days (again it depends on the weather) they "lang" by removing the berry from the stalk and then picking it up and go for processing. This processing is known as "pickling". There are rejected the unnecessary bodies and the "gypsy" that may have and distinguish the fat from the fine chrysalis. They then sell it to raisins and cooperatives and they undertake further processing, packaging and marketing on the domestic and global markets.

In Crete, raisins and musts, together with honey, are the most important traditional sweeteners.

Ability to send products all over Greece and abroad!

Wholesale nuts, Magnesia
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